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This is the most important business unit within an online gaming operation. If the retention strategy is not optimally suited to the acquisition source and the market in which the business is operating, all acquisition costs will not actualise to returns.

What do we offer?

After completing the analysis on acquisition sources, focus is shifted toward ensuring what is acquired, is retained and the desire value extracted. Many a time this is where a business with managed cost per acquisition and the correct traffic source blend, see extended payback periods impacting the business' profitability.

Online Casino Consultants analyse the retained base closely and establish which of the business unit KPI's are out of line to that of the industry benchmarks, and then apply customised strategies to either align these or adapt the current strategy to achieve the desire return on investment. Such executions would look to deliver; retention player funnels; value add touch points; attrition rates and reactivation funnels.

+27 (0)72 573 2904