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+27 (0)72 573 2904


Understanding our clients' current position and how this lines up to the industry standard is the starting position for Online Casino Consultants.

What do we offer?

Reviewing our clients data is the starting point and immediately gives us an overview of the current business, highlighting both areas of strength and areas that need to be focused on. Applying multiple reports to the various data sets, per each business unit, we can assess the outcomes against the industry benchmarks and establish our clients' position within the market.

Through further discussions with our clients we can then evaluate these outcomes against their strategy and business objectives and create customised strategies per each business unit. This includes:

  • Player Value Analysis
  • Player Attrition Rates
  • Acquisition and On-Site Traffic Source Analysis
  • Communication Channel Analysis
  • Banking (Deposits and Withdrawal) Analysis
+27 (0)72 573 2904