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With over a decade of experience within the remote gaming industry, Online Casino Consultants focus on benchmarking their clients' against industry KPI's for both Online Sportsbooks and Online Casinos, to allow for investors to actualise their payback and where necessary re-strategise.

We provide KPI reviews with industry benchmarking and strategy creation that align to business and investor objectives.

We are specialists in Player Value Analysis; Customer Retention Strategy and Acquisition Source Payback.

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Providing industry insights and customised strategies, our belief is that every operator can achieve success in any market if the principle metrics are known and understood by both the investors and the operational team.


With a multitude of experience within various online gaming markets as operators, Online Casino Consultants have taken their years of experience and packaged it into customised strategies for their clients, that allow for them to gain the necessary competitive edge with reduced investment and actualised returns.


Providing accurate and measurable insights into our clients' performance, is a core focus. This understanding of how each business unit of the gambling operator works and how they influence one another, is critical to success.


We say it how it is. We apply a black and white approach in our assessments and have the honest conversations where needed. Knowing what is working and what has not worked before, is the foundation of our strategy.

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More than just a consultancy

We are not a consultancy that highlights shortfalls and provide quick patch solutions. We are a consultancy that is invested in our clients' success. We provide strategies tailored to each business vertical and apply measurable KPI's to these, allowing for all business unit owners to be accountable and take ownership for success. Applying such methodologies, we look to empower our clients operational teams, and with it educate them about the various metrics within their verticals and how each business unit is dependant on each other. From the quality of acquisition sources and its impact on attrition, to transaction acceptance rates to their impact on player value, each piece of the business is core to the overall success.

Our Services

KPI Review
Understanding where you stand

KPI benchmarking is the first exercise the Online Casino Consultants will look to execute for all its clients

Are you paying too much?

Player acquisition source analysis, reviews the cost against player value and other key metrics to determine payback.

You are in Good Hands

Our clients benefit from our years of gaming experience

We have been through all the ups and downs of the gaming sector and understand the challenges that operators and investors face is this competitive landscape.