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Most probably the number one cause for businesses within the industry failing, can all be attributed to acquisition strategies not being cutthroat enough or operators not looking into the detail of their various acquisition sources.

What do we offer?

Using multiple reporting tool sets, each acquisition source is thoroughly integrated to ensure that the total cost thereof is known and is translated down to a cost per customer. This is profiled alongside various business KPI's and the theoretical payback period applied to determine wether or not a return on the acquisition spend will be realised.

In addition to this the acquisition model makeup is reviewed to ensure that a balance mix is seen between the various sources available to the client, including SEO, paid search, affiliates and social media networks.

Once this analysis is concluded, the acquisition strategy is created which will include suggestions around the conversion funnels, the acquisition to retention funnel as well as suggestions in regards to CPA cost, and profitable acquisition sources.

+27 (0)72 573 2904